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The Fitzgerald Group is a small multi-disciplined consulting firm focusing on business and strategic planning, implementation and marketing & communications for small and very small businesses ($10 million and less) and start-ups. With our combined consulting and leadership experience, we assist business owners and entrepreneurs with thinking about the future and direction of their businesses, getting and staying organized, improving processes and creating solutions that go beyond initial sales into rapid growth while enhancing their ability to make good judgments and quick decisions.

• Fixed Rate Services     
$500 Business or Strategic Plan Audit     
$375 Business Makeover Consultation     
$250 Budget Audit     
$200 Getting & Staying Organized Introduction    
$150 Company Profile Writing     
$125 Plan Audit For-A-Friend     
$125 Organizational Audit     
$75 Personal Profile Writing
• Billable Hours Services (modestly priced 2-person team)     
  • Business Support: Cost-effective assistance with both strategic and tactical initiatives     
  • Project-based: Specific programs and projects that the business owner wants/needs        accomplished      
  • Interim or Part-time Executive: An option when a company cannot afford a full-time executive, but would benefit from senior level expertise and experience
• Expanded Services (billable hours)     
Business Plan Writing, Strategic Plan Writing, Business Growth "How Tos": improve sales process, roll-out new products or services, generate sales leads and repeat customers through effective marketing, understanding and tracking customers and competition, understanding industry trends; Events.
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